Wow, it’s April already, lets hope we have lots of Spring sunshine and not too many April showers.

My March calendar turned out to be very useful and I have done all the jobs listed. Now I just need to get rid of all the cuttings. So one of my first jobs this month, will be to dig the shredder out of its winter hiding place and start shredding.

My calendar for April, isn’t quite as long as the one for March.

April garden calendar - my to do list for April | Hellie's CornerThankfully, a few of my seedlings have started popping through the soil. I’m growing tomatoes, chillies and peppers and they’re all sitting in front of a sunny window, in the house. I’ll moved them out to the greenhouse, when it get’s a bit warmer at night. I have also planted some sunflower seeds and lemon pips, in pots in the greenhouse, as they can take the cooler temperatures.tomato seedling just opening its first leaves | Hellie's CornerAbout a month ago, my dad gave me some hydrangea roots that he’d pulled up, while weeding. I popped them into individual small pots and left them in the greenhouse. They are coming on well, I’ll leave them in there for a bit longer, before planting them out.Hydrangea Cutting - potted on and starting to sprout new growth | Hellie's CornerI have spotted the first honey bee, visiting the garden, as well as more bumblebees and some butterflies (the butterflies didn’t stand still long enough to photograph) all enjoying the cherry blossom.

flying honeybee on cherry blossom | Hellie's Corner

Flying honeybee on cherry blossom | Hellie's Corner

bumblebee on cherry blossom | Hellie's CornerI have moved my patio roses out of the greenhouse and given them some rose-feed, they’re now sprouting lots of new growth and some very pretty roses .

white/pink patio rose flowering | Hellie's CornerPink Patio Rose flowering | Hellie's CornerI have also been busy making myself a handy garden apron, I will post details of how I made it later this week.

I made myself a Garden Apron  | Hellie's Corner

I have now posted details of how to make a Garden Apron, if you would like details click here.